This article describes how to view the non-cached version of your WordPress application at runtime when using W3 Total Cache without emptying the cache or deactivating the W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin. This can be achieved by retrieving the instance of WP_Config and turning off each of the cache categories.

$all_vars = get_defined_vars(); //get all avalable variables;
$all_vars["config"]->set('cdncache.enabled', false); //disable cdn cache
$all_vars["config"]->set('browsercache.enabled', false); //disable browser cache
$all_vars["config"]->set('dbcache.enabled', false); //disable db cache
$all_vars["config"]->set('objectcache.enabled', false); //disable object cache
$all_vars["config"]->set('fragmentcache.enabled', false); //disable fragment cache
$all_vars["config"]->set('pgcache.enabled', false); //disable page cache
$all_vars["config"]->set('minify.enabled', false); //disable minification
$all_vars["config"]->set('', false);

This could be added to function and call it when you want to disable cache for one moment. It could be triggered using a query string.

The code should be executed after the WP Total Cache Plugin is activated and loaded.

Hope this helps